Organizational Policy

Organizational Policy


Balutextil mission, is to work in samples development, cutting, production, finishing and a strict quality control. Presenting vertical solutions with added value and a dedicated service with competent human resources, to our customers.

Balutextil, assumes a Continuous Improvement Policy, that stipulates:

• Satisfaction, trust and loyalty of customers, suppliers and employees;

• Development of a profitable and sustainable activity. The company has a continuous and coherent investment concerning equipment’s, which allows us a high capacity, implementation of production quality, reduction of production time and improvement of the final product.

• Compliance with legal requirements, standards and others, in order to develop the best management practices, always guided by reliability;

• Good environmental practices, saving available resources and correctly recycling waste;

• Establishing a relationship of trust, with mutual benefit, with the interested parties;

• Valuing and fostering human potential, such as teamwork, through appropriate training. While promoting the company’s culture, where behaviour must be governed by ethical standards and respect for human integrity is always a concern;

• Reaffirm our credibility and quality, as an international company, through the correct implementation and consequent use of the Quality Management System.

The search of suppliers, namely knitwear producers, dyeing, confectioners, printers, embroiderers, and laundries, is made having in account our level of quality. Balutextil has experienced controllers who follow all the processes developed in these suppliers.